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Hi! I’m Marissa!

Mom, business owner, and lover of Pinterest. 

There was never a time, in my journey from lab-tech to business owner, that I could have dreamed that Pinterest, of all things, would be the catalyst to success for myself and my clients.

There is no better tool, platform, engine for you and your business than Pinterest. I’ve spent the last few years mastering the approach and there is no doubt that YOUR business, when given the right TLC, can reach more people and yield powerful results.

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Pinterest and Tailwind Setup

Pinterest takes intention & we use Tailwind to streamline that intentional growth by utilizing it’s features to put as much of your content on auto-pilot as poaaible. We take into account your branding, goals, and audience to set up the ‘just right’ growth strategy for you and your business.

Pinterest and Tailwind Setup + 30 Day Management Bundle

All of the benefits of our Pinterest & Tailwind Setup with a bonus of hands free (for you) growth tracking & management for the first 30 days. Giving you a clear view of all that’s in store.

Monthly Management PLUS Pin Design

This is where Pinterest becomes a thing of beauty for you. We create, implement, and manage your Pinterest Marketing. All you have to do is write your blog posts and we handle the rest. You don’t have to learn a new platform and you yield all of the benefits of diversified referal resources.

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Free Pinterest Mini Course
Coming Soon!

Here’s the magic of the Pinterest Machine- – we aren’t talking about another Social Media Platform. It’s much bigger & so much more impactful than that. 

Pinterest is, in her own right, a search engine. Think Google but we can gauge the expertise of a brand by good (or not so good) graphics and we can leverage our growth by networking to share our content with a larger audience. 

I know how heavy the idea of learning another (truthfully, robust) platform can be. 

You know you need to see growth but where do you even start?

That’s the secret sauce we bring to the table here at BlogPinGrow. We understand Bloggers & Online Business Owners need growth at EVERY stage of business and we have customized our process to meet you right where you are. 

Maybe it’s done-for-you services so you don’t have to think twice about the work and you can fully celebrate the growth that’s happening while you focus on doing what you love OR maybe it’s personalized-for-you straetgy and set up so you can hit the ground running with an experts strategy. 

Wherever you are, Pinterest is for YOU. 


    on purpose

    With over 5 years of experience and happy clients, we know exactly how to get ORGANIC growth on Pinterest!