About Marissa

Pinterest expert

Hi! I’m Marissa!

Mom, business owner, and lover of Pinterest. 

There was never a time, in my journey from lab-tech to business owner, that I could have dreamed that Pinterest, of all things, would be the catalyst to success for myself and my clients.

 The memory is so clear for me, the moment I submitted the analytics report to my client and we realized that their reach and sales were so massively impacted by the strategy and design of a quality Pinterest approach and, in that moment, I was all-in. 

Here’s the thing about me and Pinterest, we get along so well because I’m not just analytical and systematic. I’m creative. Pinterest Marketing and management allows me to use my creative abilities to design and strategize a customized approach for each client- – while implementing that strategy in a clear to understand and easy to track growth process. 


Of all of the things I want you to know about me, it’s this. You matter to me. I know what you are putting out into the world is powerful and I want you to reach the full potential and see maximum impact for your efforts.

There is no better tool, platform, engine for you and your business than Pinterest. I’ve spent the last few years mastering the approach and there is no doubt that YOUR business, when given the right TLC, can reach more people and yield powerful results.

You and Pinterest can be quite the duo. I’m so excited to bring the know-how to your growth!
Welcome to BlogPinGrow!

The process of BlogPinGrow is the teamwork approach of your genius meeting the power of Pinterest to see targeted and impactful reach for the content you create.

You started your business because you have something to say, resources to share, and lives to change by what you do. Pinterest and the strategy of management we’ve created is the catalyst to see that happen.

Instead of spending countless hours doing #allthethings on various Social Media platforms, what if you created a system that worked for you and had a team that valued your success as much as you do.

That’s the teamwork power of your genius, Pinterest, and the collaboration with the BlogPinGrow team.


How We Work

Wherever you are in your business, we’ve set up a resourcing process and strategy just for you.

The truth is, we know how beneficial it would be for every business to have our team managing their Pinterest Growth monthly. There’s no doubt that our expertise and years of experience bring relief and hands-free growth for our clients. 

Whether you are looking for a one-time Pinterest & Tailwind set-up with an action plan to continue management yourself, or you want us take the wheel and drive, we have the resources and experience to meet you where you are and take your business where it’s ready to go!